Risper Faith’s Bodacious Breasts Threaten to Spill out Of Her Tiny Dress but its Her Big ‘Nyash’ That Makes Obinna Thirst Openly (Video)

Her cup floweth over…literally. Risper Faith’s tiny bandage dress had the difficult job of keeping her ample bosom in place as she smuggled them into the skin-tight dress.

But despite its very prominent presence, Obinna could not help but marvel at how Risper was ‘blessed’ during the launch of Pendo’s video, ‘Can’t Get over Me’. He went on to throw compliments her way about her ample behind despite Risper Faith’s boyfriend being in the crowd.

Risper Faith's outfit at the event

After taking her hamper from Obinna, the comedian jokingly added “Risper please sit down, you are confusing me I’m working” Much to the amusement of the revelers who had come to attend the launch.

Check out the clip below:

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