Ms BUM BUM: Meet Nduta, woman with biggest a** in Kenya

Many participated in the Miss Bum Bum competition this year, all were prepared to carry the crown home. They had sizeable behinds, some which could swallow a baby elephant. For some, it’s a daily struggle to fight gravity, their possessions are just too huge to handle.
Natural or not, we are not here to judge what we know is that the lasses had asses and they were the talk of the day. The men that made the majority of the audience got throughly entertained.
The pageant was held a few weeks ago in Kisumu county and when all was said and done, one Faith Nduta Njuguna emerged victorious.
“I knew about the contest on the same day. Two of the ladies who were supposed to be participating withdrew the last minute. A friend of mine remembered me – they needed extra people to fill in the gap,” she said as quoted by Mpasho.
According to Nduta, she decided to attend the show, on the fly, and quickly packed everything she needed, her business cards and flyers. She kept them inside her diary.
“When I saw the team I was like, WHOA! Women are blessed! I saw some very endowed women. However, I didn’t freak out…I am a free spirit. I just blended in,” she said in between chuckles.
Before the contest started, the competitors were tagged with numbers — the main reason was to expel tribalistic conclusion/influence on who will be the winner. As a matter of fact, when Nduta was named the winner, many were shocked that a Kikuyu lady could win a contest about big bums – and in Kisumu! Which she notes to be quite unfortunate.
“I think this is where I laughed the most. I was a bit confused…some of the girls in front of me did their presentation in lingerie. I was in a nice decent dress because I am an image consultant. After that, I handed over the judges my contacts. I was like, I may not win, but I’ll make contacts with them,” she noted.
But Nduta who thought she never stood a chance was surprised when the judges finally picked her as the official Miss Bum Bum. She won the competition. She didn’t believe it! She says that the biggest lesson she carried home that day was that the competition is not all about having a big, fat ass, it’s a pageant like any other, and presentation is key.
Nduta says she plans to work with leading lifestyle brands as their ambassador. She says she previously worked in Qatar as an assistant in a large ministry. She reveals she came back to excel, having gained knowledge from a global perspective.

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